Advantages to choosing Gallant Solutions for your Staffing solution:

Thorough Screening Process - Gallant Solutions, LLC has developed a detailed pre-employment screening process, which includes competency tests and skills checklists as well as a thorough background check. This stringent process helps uI select only top nurses for placement.

Dependability - One of Gallant Solutions' strengths is dependability. We are able to recruit and maintain an abundance of healthcare staff, enabling us to fill a large volume of staffing requests in a time efficient manner.

Cost Effective Strategies - The medical facilities that we staff save thousands of dollars every year by eliminating recruitment fees from their budgets. These fees include placing advertisements and valuable time spent reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates.

Tradition - Gallant Solutions' staffing solutions stems from 20 combined years of staffing expertise.

Motivated Employees - The Gallant Solutions' advantage includes motivated employees performing quality work. We offer competitive salaries, insurance coverage, completion bonuses, and the opportunity to work at top medical facilities globally.


We are committed to finding the ideal position for each provider, and that means asking all the right questions to learn more about you and your needs. For example, we understand the importance of work and life balance. In addition to matching your experience and career goals, we work hard to find a position that works best for you and your family. We are also there to support you throughout the assignment, helping to minimize your stress and maximize your patient care.


We realize the challenge hiring and retaining top nursing talent. We are dedicated to staffing qualified RN’s to fill a variety of facility shifts. Including perm, per diem, mp-to-perm, and contract assignments. At Gallant Solutions, we make nationwide staffing easy. We offer clients the opportunity to select some of the most sought after nurses from many of the leading facilities around the globe.


The medical industry is facing a huge national shortage of highly talented, experienced physicians. This lack of qualified medical talent often presents a significant staffing challenge to healthcare facilities. Gallant Solutions assists its clients by proactively planning for these situations, identifying potential areas of need, and recruiting and securing physicians well in advance of an actual position vacancy. This preemptive approach to staffing serves to minimize the disruptive effects that personnel outages can have on the business.

Quick & Efficient

Armed with extensive knowledge about each of our clients and physicians, we can respond to immediate staffing requirements quickly, drawing our global network of physicians to provide multiple qualified, pre-screened candidates. And, we continue to collaborate with each client until we find the right candidate for them.

Be Prepared for the Future

For healthcare facilities and medical practices, we act as a dedicated recruiting partner - becaoming an extension of the client's practice, and actively looking for top talent in a given area of specialty. We provide a ready source of quality, highly sought-after temporary assignments, covering a wide variety of practice areas and healthcare facilities to meet each physician's specific requirements

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