Mission Statement

At Gallant Solutions, LLC, we provide advanced recruitment and consulting services to global healthcare professionals and organizations. It is our mission to represent and serve our clients ethically, resourcefully, and with a uniquely personal touch to ensure maximum results.

Earning the right to be good at it - comes from a very deep desire to make the perfect match. It comes from wanting to help healthcare professionals optimize their career possibilities - it comes from experienced the issues involved with hiring over many years - specially hiring the right candidate - and trying to make a process that traditionally has been a hit or a miss type process into a science, minimizing the art, and stacking the odds in our favor to match the absolute right healthcare candidates with the right clinical and non clinical position(s).

We have taken our passion for matchmaking, our talents of leveraging & analyzing data, our predictive algorithms based on proprietary psychological and personality testing, combined with an extensive investigation for each healthcare candidate considered and using state of the art neural technology, have successfully taken what used to be more of an art and a hope process to a very scientific - quantifiable process - almost like matching DNA's.

We get immense pride by providing a superior service that others cannot and have not - we have a very unique approach to the business of healthcare recruiting - we have chosen to specialize in physician, medical IT, healthcare executives, healthcare executive out-placement, and RN recruiting. In those specialties - Since we specialties - Since we specialize only in healthcare, we can do better than our competition - and we have and still do!

We have the most extensive database of healthcare professional candidates. i.e. physicians, RN's, allied health professionals, hospital CEO's, medical IT consultants, and the list goes on.

Our operations are significant and allow us to extend the time and resources to thoroughly evaluate, test and investigate potential healthcare candidates. This is something that a company not having such resources cannot afford to do - resulting in dramatically more suitable candidate recommendations.

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